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Angela is in Alberta, Canada!!


Ongoing: Zero Point and Spinal Attunement Phone Sessions

Grande Prairie, AB

ZERO POINT ATTUNEMENTS are available ONLINE and by PHONE ANYTIME. Message to book.

I am thrilled to be creating simple and effective ways to connect and share with all of you .. STAY TUNED for more to come!

My Story …..

I was born with a highly sensitive nervous system that was constantly in a state of overwhelm. As a result, my life became a quest to figure out how to get comfortable in my own body and trust in the flow of life.

At first I thought the outer world was the cause of the overwhelm so I became hyper-vigilant at memorizing how it worked. I tried to anticipate cause and effect so I could control and manipulate my surroundings.

I thought that if I could keep everyone happy and approving of me, I would feel loved and accepted. I would finally be able to relax and feel safe.

It was a lot of work with hit and miss results.

Then at age 24 …                  READ MORE




EMBUDDHiMENT is the state of flow consciousness that occurs as you embody your awakened [BIG I] mind and envelope and evolve your auto-pilot [little i] mind.

3 Entrance Points allow you to experience a year of coaching through:
Self Study | Group Study | Private Study | Special Mentorship Apply Early!

Body Ascension Breath

Life is one long breathwork practice. Learn to do it well.
Breathe awareness INTO the experience … Inspire what you create.

Ride a transformative wave of PRANA into deeper embodiment of you.

Zero Point Attunement

Relax as you are guided into the cells of your body. Enhance SENSORY and INTUITIVE PERCEPTION as Angela gives words to all that is arising for integration, cleansing and renovation.

Zero Point Attunements quickly restore neutrality in body, mind and emotions. From this perspective one is able to heal and integrate karmas, evolving the body lens to an ascended state of being.

Kundalini Tantra Yoga

“Everybody, whether Householder or Sanyasin, must remember that Awakening Kundalini is the Prime Purpose of Human Incarnation.” ~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Kundalini Tantra Yoga is a Sensual Practice … Bringing you to the Zero Point … where YOUR Consciousness and Form Merge.

Books & Recordings

Join Angela in the BODY ASCENSION SERIES of books: Avatar Anatomy ~ A Soul’s Journey into the Body and Waking the Goddess. Book Three is underway!

PLUS Coming Soon! – Relax with Zero Point Attunement pre-recorded cellular cleansing practices.

Quantum Vibrational Pendants

Much like a movie is written into a DVD or a computer program is written onto a hard drive, SACRED HARMONICS are recorded into the atomic structure of beautiful toroid PENDANTS.

As the harmonic interacts with the energy of your electromagnetic field, it is amplified like a hologram being projected through a crystal, amplifying your energy and your harmonious intentions.

What Others Say About Their Experience

  • “Angela is the embodiment of pure expansion. She is divinely plugged into the fifth dimension as an awakened woman.  She has many gifts and talents that she so graciously shares internationally.  I feel very blessed to know her. She has a sacred way of bringing community together wherever she goes. Always bringing out the best in the people and the situation at hand. When Angela shows up in your community, get ready.  She will  bring in the higher frequency from around the world, so that your community becomes cohesive and works in unity. I’ve had the honor to do breath work with Angela that changed my life forever. As a child I was kidnapped and still had some work to clear out in my sacral center.  After a few sessions with Angela I was totally liberated from all pain, suffering, past memory and the old story line. My inner life is one of joy, trust and harmony. Thank you Angela for being the sacred empowered woman we can all learn from.”

    Joan Kidd, Sedona, AZ
    Joan Kidd, Sedona, AZ
  • "Angela held the mother goddess space in the BreathLIGHT 1.1 Training for all with great enthusiasm and kindness.  I am truly in deep appreciation for all her efforts and hold her in the highest regard.  She rocked it!"

    Elyseya L., Boise, ID
    Elyseya L., Boise, ID
  • “The poet Hafiz said, I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being. Angela, too, possesses the ability to show you that light. Simply being near Angela is enough to rekindle inspiration and confidence in yourself. She is such a vessel of love, of understanding, and of grace that one cannot help but come back to one’s own light when working with her. I had the honor of spending five weeks with her and after a few days of sharing in her quiet grace, all the inner noise ceased and the way was clear. This is her gift. If you find yourself lucky enough to work with her, allow yourself to be the empty vessel and let her light fill you.”

    Amy Jirsa
    Amy Jirsa Owner, Quiet Earth Yoga, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • "Angela is a conscientious and gifted healer, teacher and author. Her ability to hold unconditional space is unparalleled.  She is able to connect deeply with all aspects of who you are and gently guide and support you in your healing journey.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to her practice as well as an incredible intuitive ability that will ensure that you are in capable hands even at your most vulnerable healing moments.   I believe the best healers are the ones who deeply honour who you are and provide a loving space for you to heal in.  Look no further than this amazing woman as a wonderful guide for your healing experiences."

    Tanis McRae, Grande Prairie, AB
    Tanis McRae, Grande Prairie, AB The Healing I
  • “Angela, you are truly a gift in my life. When I signed up for your Kundalini 14 Day Intensive, I really had little exposure to yoga and I was apprehensive knowing that I had some physical limitations. You have such a gentle, authentic way about you, meeting people where they are at, accepting them for who they are. I was instantly at ease. I was amazed at how quick my body became flexible, the breath-work increased my lung capacity and how energized I became. I feel ten years younger! I not only felt a connection to the Infinite but a deep connection to the music, which has sustained me, even after the class has ended.  Thank you.”

    Molly Weleski
    Molly Weleski Author, Grande Prairie, AB
  • “Angela, What a gift you are. Because of you, so many people in this world including myself, feel “seen”, loved, and needed, along with a sense of purpose and connection. You hold sacred all life, and rejoice in sharing your knowledge and love. Your grace brings peace into our souls, allowing our true selves to shine through, while you patiently guide and hold space, blessing our passage to awakening. I am grateful for your generosity of self and your connection to Divine.”

    Paula Rycroft-Gerlitz
    Paula Rycroft-Gerlitz
  • I’ve been trying to think all day on the exact words to describe Body Ascension Breath.  It is like I’M BACK!!!! It was so amazing, blissful, loving.  Every cell in my body is DANCING!!!

    Lorinne B. - Grande Prairie, AB
  • "To bare oneself so completely, revealing a truth to and of themselves, hidden beneath layers of lifetimes and experiences, so to share it with the world for all to see, is a true testament of a healer. Using your truth and experiences, you have shone a light on something so completely raw and human, that there is no doubt you are here to be the "Brave One." "Many of us here on earth having this human experience are hiding behind masks and layers, denying what it is we really are. With your book, you stood in front of us all, removing your masks and layers revealing a human - body - spirit - experience - and time. You stood in front of the mirror so we could see a reflection and truth in and of ourselves. Let the Healing begin!!! What a gift it is to experience this "humanism", to expand to the depths of who we are, what we need and why there is a strong desire for connection. Thank you for trusting us with Waking the Goddess. Your Story, Your Truth, Your Healing and Your Expansion. For this is why we breathe. ❤"

    Paula Gerlitz
    Paula Gerlitz
  • "WOW!!!!! Talk about the incredible journey of self discovery & having the love & courage to share it!!! THANK YOU! I bow to you, sweet Angel(a), you are one amazing Goddess! You write so eloquently & you truly have a wonderful way with words...what a "LOVE" story.......titilating, spine-tingling, heart-warming, brave, encouraging. You have a very full, interesting life & have experienced many remarkable adventures! With being so raw, real & open it has helped me look at my own life & remember to truly honour my Divine Feminine! Yes! To Waking the Goddess."

    Shauna Cepela, Nelson, BC
    Shauna Cepela, Nelson, BC
  • "We are in a time on this planet where everyone seems to be called to find their Twin Flame, but very few people have any idea of what it’s Actually going to be like when it happens. There are many ways a Twin Flame Relationship can turn out, and within these pages is a very real depiction of the debilitating pain and suffering Twins must go through before their ego death on the other side of surrender. It is not a fairy tail, and that’s what makes it perfect. Angela brilliantly connects the mathematic, scientific, energetic and metaphysical explanations of how this type of union creates a zero point energy in which the masculine and the feminine collapse in on themselves creating a synergistic transmutation of karma that assists in the transformation of the entire planet. Never have I read a more detailed description of the process from start to finish. As one of the top Twin Flame experts in the world, I can humbly say that Angela’s insights on this type of union have taught me volumes thanks to her unique and vast fields of expertise as well as the clarity of her channel. This bestseller is mandatory reading for everyone looking for their Twin. Waking The Goddess is the "Eat, Pray, Love” of the Twin Flame generation.” Ben and Jen Rode of Explosive Sexual Healing. www.eshealing.com

    Ben Rode
    Ben Rode
  • "Fifty Shades of Transparency! You are the bravest person I know. Nothing needs healing more desperately in the human psyche than sexuality. This aspect of human development has been twisted, corrupted and mutilated to the point that healthy sexual power cannot be recognized or in many cases even attained. Until now. In an honest and open book this brave woman lays bare her journey to uncover the truth of that incredible part of who she is, and discovers the ultimate sexual experience. She does this both conceptually and experientially through the connection of other brave souls who are willing to be transparent as well. Angela's insights are just what is needed to encourage the sexual re-evolution required to heal the collective soul of the thousands of years of misconceptions we have held about sexual power."

    Tanis McRae B.Ed Intuitive Teacher/Healer
    Tanis McRae B.Ed Intuitive Teacher/Healer
  • Avatar Anatomy was amazing! Your strength and commitment are to be honoured and it opens up channels for everyone that might be scared to venture forward. I am in complete awe and my admiration for you is endless.

    Dolly M.
    Dolly M.
  • Avatar Anatomy starts with a bang, with an eerie-cool retelling of a traumatic event. This event is the spark for big changes to come. Much of the book then reads like a fun text book about Yoga and related modalities, as Angela takes us on her journey of learning and teaches us so much along the way. Then it gets really exciting as she passionately relives her amazing adventures from exotic locations around the world, meeting tuned-in people and sharing life altering connections with us. Kind of like ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ but more real and achievable for us mere mortals. It all ties in with a firm grounding effect when Angela talks about small city Grande Prairie, Alberta as home base and her roots. I learned a lot from this gem; about what’s available out there for any of us, by simply checking out a local Yoga class for starters and seeing where it might lead. A deeper understand of ourselves is always the first step in growing, and Angela offers great insight into where we can look. I can’t wait for Books 2 & 3!

    Dave D.
    Dave D.
  • If you are looking for a change in your life, or feel a calling to do some deep inner recognition of your true self, then reading Avatar Anatomy would be a great place to start! You are taken on the author Angela Ditch’s personal journey, through sacred sites around the world, training in breath work, meditations, kundalini, yoga, and much more! She guides us through so beautifully, that you become part of the story, and you just can’t put this book down! She shows us anything is possible, and teaches us through her own experience. I was very moved by her words!

    Paula G.
    Paula G.
  • This Book describes the transformation and awakening of the author’s Journey into the Higher Self. She takes us on a mind-blowing self discovery due to repression and belief systems that are imposed upon us from a young age. The discovery and acceptance from different modality studies such as Yoga, Breath work and Brain training give her the tools to share her teachings with others who are ready for their journey into their true selves. Bravo Angela, you truly are a blessings in my life and my transformation.

    Manon M.
    Manon M.
  • You are one of the most remarkable women I know and I am honoured to have read, witnessed and shared your incredibly brave, interesting, heartwarming, exciting, stimulating, fascinating, raw, beautiful, challenging, energetic & life altering journey. I am so in LOVE for you!!!!! Thank you for putting it all in words! The emotion I feel right now brings tears of joy and love knowing such an amazing being and soul is willing to share her experience, knowledge & love so freely ... to soften, expand, explain and guide our own journeys of self acceptance and realization ... I bow to you.

    Shauna C.
    Shauna C.
  • The Body Ascension Breath Training was FLAWLESS!

    Dr. Bryan L. MD - Sedona, AZ
  • My life changed in 5 days.

    Rebekah H. - Chetwynd, BC
  • I’ve had the honor to do breath work with Angela that changed my life forever. As a child I was kidnapped and still had some work to clear out in my sacral center.  After a few sessions with Angela I was totally liberated from all pain, suffering, past memory and the old story line. My inner life is one of joy, trust and harmony. Thank you Angela for being the sacred empowered woman we can all learn from.

    Joan K. - Sedona, AZ
  • Angela's ability to hold unconditional space is unparalleled.  She is able to connect deeply with all aspects of who you are and gently guide and support you in your healing journey.

    Tanis M. - Grande Prairie, AB
  • I had the honor of spending five weeks with Angela and after a few days of sharing in her quiet grace, all the inner noise ceased and the way was clear. This is her gift. If you find yourself lucky enough to work with her, allow yourself to be the empty vessel and let her light fill you.

    Amy J. - Lincoln, NE
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