Relax as Angela escorts your awareness
into the body.

as Angela gives words to all that is arising for integration, cleansing and renovation.

Come home to your Zero Point Perspective … neutral True Self presence … in every single cell.

Angela 256×259 @2x


  • Expanded

  • Lighter

  • Clearer

  • Focused

  • Relaxed

  • Rejuvenated

  • Inspired

  • Recharged

  • Content

Zero Point Attunements quickly restore neutrality in body, mind and emotions.

From this perspective one is able to heal and integrate karmas,
evolving the body lens to an ascended state of being.


Book an Initial Session

– Allow 1.5 hours
– Choose a relaxing and private location
– Use a headset or speakerphone
– We begin with a conversation
– Then you relax on your back
– And we drop into your cells

Book a Followup Session 

– Allow 1.0 hour
– Prepare your space as in initial
– Discuss deeper patterns / intentions
– Target session toward intention
– Learn Body Ascension Lens concepts
– Rate is per hour … if additional time is required it will be extra billed

Go Deeper …

For those wishing to develop momentum in their Body Ascension process, a 20% discounted session package is available.

Purchase 5 hours [Reg $500] … discounted to [$400]
Once package is fulfilled, you will retain 20% discount on all future private session hours.

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