Who is little i?


Who is little i auto-pilot?

The beautiful thing about being human is that we come fully equipped with an onboard auto-pilot that I call “little i”.

Little i is a sophisticated computer-like infrastructure that ties our sensory system to our cellular database of memory. Little i can read and write information within this database at lightening speed.

How does little i work?

As an experience happens, little i’s sensory system (senses of smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing) compares the information to every similar past experience stored in it’s cellular memory. This triggers recall of both the prior attitude and reaction. If left to little i, you will react in exactly the same way as you did before.

Little i is designed to perpetuate you forward. What is happening now gets compared to the past and projected into the future. Little i creates loops of consistency. It’s a brilliant design.

Little i’s logical system works within a framework of polarity. In other words, little i has many different perspectives and each one has an opposite or polar point of view.

“I imagine little i like a disco ball with plates of glass pointing in unique trajectories. Each plate of glass is both seeing and reflecting its own perspective. Each one of little i’s perspectives is completely true from its unique point of view.”

Let’s imagine, for example’s sake, that there are 360 different perspectives that little i can see. When sensory data comes in, different perspectives chime in with reactionary impulses. Little i must then deliberate on the information and choose a course of action. Sometimes that is easy and sometimes the opposing points of view swing little i from one extreme to the other and create indecision.

When opposing points of view begin to debate and defend their positions, tension and stress occur in the body. This is where all the voices in our head come from. Sometimes the voices are efficient and cooperative and sometimes they behave poorly by dishing out blame and shame to win their point. If the latter goes on for extended periods, pressure builds in the mind, body and emotions and the voices develop their own personalities. Before you know it, you have a little i mind that resembles a playground of misbehaving kids bullying, cowering, arguing and generally amplifying conflict.

How is little i evolving?

Little i is at a precipice of a great upgrade in operating function. Once little i sees that infighting is futile, it begins to shift its whole operating system. When all the polar opposites turn around and look inward toward their opposite extremes, they see they are intricately connected along a spectrum of polarity. Those polar opposites then look to what connects them and they find a common ground from which to move. Common ground means looking for the good of the whole while honouring and respecting the unique perspective of each side. This builds friendships. This builds resolution. This builds win win results.

The key to initiating this great evolution is compassion and non-judgment. Opposing perspectives are simply committed to their truth. From their point of view, their perspective is 100% legitimate and true. Compassion invites all perspectives to realize that the same is true for their opposition. Compassion brings understanding and non-judgment into the conversation.

If all 360 points of view could respect that each perspective is valid and important, behaviour would improve and friendship would begin. The simple truth is that little i is currently limited because it cannot yet see all perspectives at once. That is where BIG I comes in. BIG I is your full conscious awareness. It is your buddhi-mind. BIG I sees from center point within the disco ball. It has a zero point perspective and sees 360 degrees all at once.

Because BIG I can see all the perspectives at once it can discern which choice best fits the good of the whole. BIG I has a spherical view that extends far beyond what little i can currently see. The exciting part is, if given the opportunity, BIG I can train little i to also see this way.

Inviting BIG I to be present in the flow allows BIG I to observe little i in action. By being present and observing little i in its loop of perpetuation, BIG I can demonstrate how to view in 360′ degrees at once. This is called EMBUDDHiMENT. BIG I embodies and evolves little i to live stream you. Teaching little i to see this way not only brings friendship and cooperation amongst the perspectives, it teaches little i how to edit the database of reactionary impulse. In other words, little i will reprogram itself to make choices that include every perspective.

“The most brilliant part of little i is that it can learn anything. If you can get it to stop squabbling long enough within itself,  little i will realize that BIG I is its teacher and EMBUDDHiMENT begins.”

EMBUDDHiMENT Coaching starts Apr 22, 2018 🙂

Check out details HERE!

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