What is Flow?

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What is Flow?

Ultimately .. this is three questions.

1. What is THE FLOW?
Mind “forming” matter …  and matter “informing” mind.”

The flow is a loop. Its an alternating current of thought and emotion moving through your body circuits.

Thought travels into the body through the right brain and plants itself into the 3D spatial canvas of the creative brain. Manas shakti (aka mental energy) spirals the idea around the spinal cord and through the chakras to ground it into reality.

As it descends through the spine, the idea is translated from thought to creation by moving through the elements of space, air, fire, water and earth.

Next, prana shakti (aka vital energy or emotion) spirals up the spine to the left constructive brain. On its ascent the emotion experiences the creation through the body’s sensory system. What does is smell like, taste like, look like, feel like, sound like and what do we know about it? An attitude is formed and delivered to the left brain to rationalize and structure. This then influences the next wave of thought, hence the loop.

A thought that begins as pure truth becomes coloured by the conditioning in the body. As the creation is experienced, it is further conditioned by the history of our prior experience. That is how a creation and experience become unique to each one of us. We literally colour the process with our own beliefs and attitudes.

Mind “forms” matter. Matter “informs” mind. This is the flow.

2. How do you get IN THE FLOW?
“You are always in the flow. You don’t create flow. You experience it. The question then becomes what direction are you facing in the flow?”

Are you relaxing in the natural current and moving downstream, or are you turned backwards swimming upstream? Its easy to determine.

When you are in the flow, your auto-pilot mind is commenting on the sights and the experience but it is not trying to control them. When you are against the flow, auto-pilot little i is arguing with itself, laying blame or shame and fearing what is around the next bend.

Auto-pilot, or little i as I like to call it, has a very important job. Its job is to “inform” what is happening in the flow: specifically, what has been created and what is the experience of it?

As little i sensorially experiences, it checks its prior history records to find similar experience and then determines an appropriate reaction. As long as little i is only providing information, BIG I .. your consciousness, can focus the direction of response toward something that considers the bigger picture.

If little i gets concerned, it tries to make decisions based on limited points of view. I think we all know what happens here: tension, pressure, indecisiveness, looping misery, anxiety, worry, fatigue, and so on. This is little i swimming upstream or grabbing at the bank of the river.

3. What is FLOW STATE?
“Little i going with the flow. Little i is informing. BIG I is live streaming.”

You’ve likely experienced flow state. Many call it being in the zone. Its a state of clear focus and relaxed enjoyment as brilliance and synchronicity merge to create with magic.

One can induce a flow state by suspending or impairing little i’s operational privileges. This can happen as little i gets drugged or taken into experiences where it has no database to react from. These are often very exhilarating and help little i to learn what flow state feels like. They are temporary.

One needs to be mindful in these experiences. If little is pushed too far out of its comfort zone, it will build a covert special forces unit to deal with future attempts to disable it. One simply has to be aware of how little i is integrating the experience so as not to bypass this sensitivity.

“Perpetual flow state becomes natural when little i learns to simply inform and marvel at the ride.”

When little i and BIG I form a bond of friendship, BIG I teaches little i how to bring itself into flow. It teaches little i to see things differently. BIG I then live streams your pure consciousness, and magic becomes obvious in every breath and every creation. Little i’s experiences become rich and blissful even when they are difficult. Little i evolves in significant upgraded ways.

The flow then shifts from an alternating current to a simultaneous current of creating and perceiving at the same time. You enter flow state.

This perpetual flow state is called EMBUDDHiMENT.
BIG I embodies .. envelopes little i .. and evolves little i to LIVE STREAM YOU.

Wanna learn more? EMBUDDHiMENT Online Coaching begins April 22nd.


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