Life is asking more from us .. it is asking us to evolve.

People are looking for real and sustainable shifts. In order to do that our perceptions of self must evolve. We must rise up and out of our habitual conditioning to see new ways to be happy, healthy and whole.

The BODY ASCENSION LENS is a window through which to perceive ourselves. It begins with energy anatomy and explores ancient wisdom from many traditions, together with practical experience.

Our 90 DAY MENTORSHIP PROGRAM consists of 5 Online Group Classes and 3 Individual Private Sessions. We will cover:

  • Avatar Anatomy: Energy pathways, chakras, 3 minds, granthis, prana, kundalini, human design and more. This module introduces you to mechanics of how the body serves as a projection lens through which your life is created.
  • 5 Elements and Emotion: Understanding creative process through the elements and their relationship to emotion.
  • Body Ascension Practices: We will explore the benefits of breathwork, kundalini yoga, meditation, chanting and more. Once we understand the body’s role, we introduce mindful practices to open pathways and embody true authentic self. Practices can be designed for all persons.
  • Tantra: Tantra is often misunderstood, or limited in view. It is like an umbrella under which practices relate to union. Tantra essentially refers to the union of¬†consciousness and form. We will learn to hold space find our ZERO POINT PERSPECTIVE and explore the importance of this neutral state of mind, body and soul.
  • Individual Private Sessions: Each person is dealing with unique circumstances. We will do 3 one-on-one sessions to initiate relaxation, clarity and focus. Using guided Zero Point Attunements, Spiritual Response Therapy and PSYCH-K Belief Repatterning, we will tailor each session to your present moment needs.

Together we will create an elevated view through which life will take a conscious shift into awareness, authentic expression, creative fulfilment and true happiness.

JANUARY 16 – MARCH 15, 2017:

  • $750 CDN [$575. USD approx.]
  • 3 Payment plan is also available upon request.

Space is limited .. please register early!

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