Today IS the Day!

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You know all those things you tell yourself you’re going to shift .. work toward .. evolve to?

TODAY IS THE DAY!  Seriously. As you read these words notice how your mind pulls your head back and how your body contracts.


We expect things to evolve over time .. eventually .. maybe .. a perfect way in which the mind can hang onto its status quo and claim success for any forward movements.

But in truth, THINGS ALWAYS SHIFT IN AN INSTANT.  The instant you recognize it is so.

I assure you, TODAY IS THE DAY! All the energies flooding through your body, those accelerated energies activating the kundalini energy within our spines, are giving us a beautiful boost for shift. Perhaps you feel extra uncomfortable. Do you know why?

Because YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE THE SHIFT. TODAY IS THE DAY.  Now your physical, mental and emotional bodies are catching up to what has already happened. TODAY IS THE DAY!

What if a burning solar plexus feeling didn’t mean fear and worry, but simply meant that the fire element in the body was creating an incinerator for that false belief, the one that no longer matches you, the one that is suddenly arising in your emotions and thoughts? What if your impulse to seek assistance or guidance from a person or practice simply meant that the shift itself had guided you there to clean things up. Why else would you go?

We constantly “think” we want to be different, but by the time we “think” it, it is already done and the cleanup of the old templates and frequencies starts.

Fotolia_70300496_SWhatever you are striving toward, whatever you believe you need to change has already changed on the deepest of energetic levels or you would not even recognize the impulse. The mind, however, doesn’t know this. It thinks it has to work toward it when in reality it simply needs to recognize …


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