Body Ascension Breathwork Private Activation



Body Ascension Breathwork PRIVATE Activation to open the pathways and fully embody true self. A Body Ascension Breathwork Activation is a practice derived from BreathLIGHT using a double helix diaphragmatic breathing process that activates the Kundalini life force within the body. This life force moves through all the bodies’ pathways inviting release of repressed and contracted energies. By employing this method, one clears the channel allowing their true expanded self to enter the body. This allows one to fully integrate and interface with the inherent intelligence of the original human body blueprint.

  • RELEASE tension, stress, frustration, anger and suppressed emotional issues,
  • ALLOW forgiveness and acceptance at deeper levels for self and others,
  • AWAKEN inner vitality, passion, aliveness and total self-love,
  • INTEGRATE body-mind-heart-spirit, opening and connecting to one’s fullest potential self,
  • RECEIVE crystalline clarity of vision and creative inspiration for career/life path goals,
  • BLISS out in a calm, relaxed and deeply peaceful state of energetic balance and harmony.

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