Our Three Minds

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OUR THREE MINDS … How do they work?

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, has a lens that views the human as having three distinct minds that manage the functions of the body and our human expression.

When balanced, these minds operate our HUMAN AVATAR with excellence and proficiency. When out of balance, we swing widely from one polarity experience to the other, in search of that inevitable balance provided by nature itself.


negative contractiveFirst is the NEGATIVE MIND .. it’s chief job is CONTRACTION. It takes our infinite formless self, known as our soul or our spirit, and contracts it into physical form. It looks for risks to the body and its psyche and chooses to contract energy and functioning when needed. It deals with discernment and helps us have a contained sense of individual human self.

Positive Expansive


Second is the POSITIVE MIND .. it’s chief job is EXPANSION. It takes this infinite formless self, now inhabiting a finite physical body, and expands it back through the cells to create and connect with others within the world around us. It looks for opportunity to express the soul. It deals with external creation and connection.

scared-boss-14424234When the NEGATIVE MIND is overactive, it over contracts in fear, worry, and even paranoia. It contracts the energies of emotion, thought, experience and trauma into the tissues of the body, which then can lead to pain and dis-ease in the physical form.

excited_cartoonWhen the POSITIVE MIND is overactive, it over expands in craving and addiction. It allows for holes in the electromagnetic field to form as one’s awareness seeks external projection of self through high states of pleasure and escaping of the body.

Each of these minds operates like a computer. They record the incoming stimulus from our senses .. [smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing] .. and categorize each experience as a like or dislike, pain or pleasure, expansion or contraction. Then, when a similar sensory experience arises, the NEGATIVE and POSITIVE minds automatically check the database of prior experience and create an automatic autopilot reaction to the current experience.

T H I S   I S   S O   C O O L !

The quality of the reaction is directly dependant on the quality of the programs laid into the autopilot from prior experience. As my old boss Eddie used to say of our computer system, “Garbage in, garbage out.” These minds can run without any conscious awareness. They form your Avatar’s auto-pilot, working 24/7 through sleeping and waking states, and function with computer precision.

NeutralHere is where the NEUTRAL MIND comes into the picture! The NEUTRAL MIND is the TRUE YOU. This is your soul’s conscious awareness. NEUTRAL MIND observes the reaction impulses of the NEGATIVE and POSITIVE MINDS and then responds with conscious choice. Yogi Bhajan states that the NEUTRAL MIND has a 9 second window to time before it responds.

Meditation-500x390When NEUTRAL MIND is online, the person is aware and has the opportunity to not only choose a conscious appropriate action, but also has the opportunity to reprogram the database’s programmed reaction for the future.


Kundalini Yoga is a science and technology that works through the nervous system and energy pathways to clear and open the main energy pathways of the spine. This balances the minds and allows for glandular, mental, emotional and physical health and vitality.

As more awareness enters the full expanse of the physical body, ones consciousness is raised to higher and higher states of evolutionary awareness. This is why Kundalini Yoga is known as THE YOGA OF AWARENESS.

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