Body Ascension Lens Immersions

Immersions penetrate deeply into mental, emotional and physical bodies to align our Human Avatar to EMBODY and EXPRESS our Soul’s Unique Potential.

BODY ASCENSION LENS IMMERSIONS range in size, length and design encompassing



– Kundalini Yoga …

The world is waking. We are literally ascending through the very circuitry of our own spines. As KUNDALINI ENERGY is awakened at the root chakra, it rises through the three main energy channels in our spine inviting balance and integration of the polarities of human experience.

Genetic and experiential programming, written into the cellular structure of our body, is accessed as the energy floods through, allowing our higher consciousness to shed light on all limiting beliefs and separation templates.

KUNDALINI YOGA is a science and technology that prepares the glandular and nervous systems to run this energy, unifying the channels into one steady circuit. Immersion practices clear the body allowing for immense shifts within a sacred and loving container of integration.


Body Ascension Breath … stems from BreathLIGHT as taught by Mikael King, this practice serves to expand the space within the body through concentrated infusion of prana. Prana is the rejuvenative life force that comes in with the breath. Through guided meditation and specific breath patterns, the concentrated prana mixes in the body, activating kundalini to open the energy pathways and cleanse the crystalline structure of our cells of blockage and limiting beliefs.

Deep relaxation, healing, awareness and clarity fill the practitioner as they deepen in communion with true self and the divine creative source.

– Body Ascension Avatar Anatomy … is a dynamic lens that uses yogic fundamentals of the chakra and energy pathway systems to perceive the human experience through the interface of one’s infinite self, with a finite physical body … YOUR AVATAR.

Through this lens we learn the evolution of conscious awareness as we literally climb the circuitry within the spine and peer through the model of three minds, balancing polarities to embody unity.


– Writing … through a method taught by Tom Bird, we bypass the critical left-brain mind to live-stream the voice of our true self.

The method is simple, fun and will open and tune the clarity of the sound current. The sound current is the stylus that writes the blueprints for our lives. Clearing the channel allows conscious co-creating of your truest desires.

  • “Angela is the embodiment of pure expansion. She is divinely plugged into the fifth dimension as an awakened woman.  She has many gifts and talents that she so graciously shares internationally.  I feel very blessed to know her. She has a sacred way of bringing community together wherever she goes. Always bringing out the best in the people and the situation at hand. When Angela shows up in your community, get ready.  She will  bring in the higher frequency from around the world, so that your community becomes cohesive and works in unity. I’ve had the honor to do breath work with Angela that changed my life forever. As a child I was kidnapped and still had some work to clear out in my sacral center.  After a few sessions with Angela I was totally liberated from all pain, suffering, past memory and the old story line. My inner life is one of joy, trust and harmony. Thank you Angela for being the sacred empowered woman we can all learn from.”

    Joan Kidd, Sedona, AZ
    Joan Kidd, Sedona, AZ
  • "Angela held the mother goddess space in the BreathLIGHT 1.1 Training for all with great enthusiasm and kindness.  I am truly in deep appreciation for all her efforts and hold her in the highest regard.  She rocked it!"

    Elyseya L., Boise, ID
    Elyseya L., Boise, ID
  • “The poet Hafiz said, I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being. Angela, too, possesses the ability to show you that light. Simply being near Angela is enough to rekindle inspiration and confidence in yourself. She is such a vessel of love, of understanding, and of grace that one cannot help but come back to one’s own light when working with her. I had the honor of spending five weeks with her and after a few days of sharing in her quiet grace, all the inner noise ceased and the way was clear. This is her gift. If you find yourself lucky enough to work with her, allow yourself to be the empty vessel and let her light fill you.”

    Amy Jirsa
    Amy Jirsa Owner, Quiet Earth Yoga, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • "Angela is a conscientious and gifted healer, teacher and author. Her ability to hold unconditional space is unparalleled.  She is able to connect deeply with all aspects of who you are and gently guide and support you in your healing journey.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to her practice as well as an incredible intuitive ability that will ensure that you are in capable hands even at your most vulnerable healing moments.   I believe the best healers are the ones who deeply honour who you are and provide a loving space for you to heal in.  Look no further than this amazing woman as a wonderful guide for your healing experiences."

    Tanis McRae, Grande Prairie, AB
    Tanis McRae, Grande Prairie, AB The Healing I
  • “Angela, What a gift you are. Because of you, so many people in this world including myself, feel “seen”, loved, and needed, along with a sense of purpose and connection. You hold sacred all life, and rejoice in sharing your knowledge and love. Your grace brings peace into our souls, allowing our true selves to shine through, while you patiently guide and hold space, blessing our passage to awakening. I am grateful for your generosity of self and your connection to Divine.”

    Paula Rycroft-Gerlitz
    Paula Rycroft-Gerlitz
  • "I’ve been trying to think all day on the exact words to describe BreathLIGHT.  It is like I’M BACK!!!! It was so amazing, blissful, loving.  Every cell in my body is DANCING!!! You breathe and surrender to the experience!”

    Lorinne B., Grande Prairie, AB
    Lorinne B., Grande Prairie, AB
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