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I decided to create one more thing before I drive south …

We humans aspire to be our full potential but often spin out or allow our minds to get in the way. On DEC 29 & 30 .. I have booked “our special room” again at the Pomeroy.

I want to drop into sacred circle with the full intent of 100% commitment to going all the way into full potential expression. Its an aggressive intent and I’m calling in the most potent circle of people ready to face what makes you tick and design a game plan to go for full expression in every breath.

As always … food will be epic … love will be abundant … and this time the intensity will be accelerated.

Join me (Angela) and a group of likeminded souls for transformative work.

Drop right into the Zero Point of Creation.

Have direct experience within the internal perspective where we co-create our lives with source.

Discover and learn your path to sustaining alignment with soul desire.

Relax into the truth of who you really are and what you are here to do.

This Two Day Intensive is geared to make
2018 the Year You Do YOU all the way.

  • Move beyond the places we let go of our intentions, where the physiology loops old patterns of thought and emotion,
    and where we shut ourselves down.
  • Drop smack dab in the center of a tangible experience of your creative center.
  • Establish a personal game plan that is epic and doable.
  • Learn to re-pattern the subconscious programming and keep your True Self in the creators seat.

Prerequisite: You must have done a minimum of one Body Ascension Breath Session.
If you would like to attend and have not yet had this experience, contact me and we will find the perfect practitioner to take you through a session before our event.

Friday Dec 29th: 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Saturday Dec 30th: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Bring yoga mat, blanket, pillow, pendulum and notebook/pen. Come prepared to go deep and be fully committed to YOU!

$225 includes breakfast and lunch on Saturday. (Vegetarian. Advise Angela of special needs) Teas and coffee are included throughout.

Register NOW to get your spot.
Space is limited to maintain intimate group!

Every training and immersion I have taken with Angela has been transformative. Her genuine curiously about the unknown makes journeying into the depths feel like an exploration instead of a confrontation. I always feel supported and safe in the space she holds.

Her depth of compassion and ability to see and accept people exactly where they are gives them the permission to do the same. I have seen over and over how this simple but profound witnessing has been the thing that has allowed a person to finally see and begin to fall in love with themselves. Angela changes the world simply by how she sees it. ~ DB

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