SELF STUDY: Video Course – Starts Jan 15

A series of facilitator level training videos designed to provide a thorough understanding of how we operate as a human, and how we evolve to embody and integrate consciousness and form.

  • Energetic anatomy and flow
  • Chakra evolution
  • Kundalini activation and awakening
  • Breath science and spirituality
  • Quantum physics made easy
  • BIG I and little i awareness and function
  • Creative circuitry
  • Karma, samskaras and evolution
  • Stress conversion
  • Intention vs. inspiration
  • Personal practice
  • Much more …

Two Options:
1) Pay in full [$400] and move at your own pace. [Save $50]
2) Make three payments [$150 each] and receive content over 90 day span. [Total $450]

Note: In either option the content is available for 12 months. 

GROUP STUDY: Online – Starts Jan 15

Be part of a group that grows together over 12 months. 

  • Video series as listed above
  • Monthly group online zoom meetings to dive deeper and set monthly focus.
  • Practices: recorded and live online classes in Kundalini Tantra Yoga and Breathwork

Two Options:
1) Pay in full: $1200  [Save $300]
2) Payments: $125 each [Total: $1500]

PRIVATE STUDY: Limited Space – Starts Jan 14

Private sessions that deal directly with the flow of your individual life add to options listed above.

  • Full video training course
  • Monthly Zoom with Private Mentorship Intimate Group
  • 12 X (2 hour) Private Sessions for coaching, zero point attunement, psych-k belief repatterining and spiritual response therapy
  • Human design and kundalini numerology introduction
  • Personal practice protocols

Two Options:
1) Pay in full: $3000  [Save $600]
2) Payments: $300 X 12 months [Total: $3600]


Reserved for individuals dedicating their lives to being in service to the evolution of humanity. This mentorship program requires commitment and courage to face all aspects of self. 

  • Access to all of the above
  • Weekly (1 hour) private coaching¬†sessions
  • Personalized practice plans
  • Facilitator level instruction
  • Deep discounts to all facilitator level trainings

Two Options:
1) Pay in full: $7800  [Save $600]
2) Payments: $700 X 12 months [Total: $8400]

Things to note:

  • All payments are non-refundable. Should an emergency arise or life circumstance cause disruption to your participation, discretionary partial re-imbursement may apply.
  • These trainings are designed for your evolution. As such protocols evoke shifts which improve lives. Expect change. 
  • It is a great honour to be in service to you. I will give you my best and create a space that is safe, confidential and loving. 
  • Prices are in CANADIAN $.  Applicable taxes will be applied at checkout.
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