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Sometimes my heart feels SO BIG and so overflowing with LOVE that it almost hurts. My whole body opens to a flow of energy that is so immense, so warm, and so vulnerable.

As I love so intensely my little mind worries about the return of that inevitable and pending pain of contraction, the one that has so far proven to always come .. eventually.

Is this a practice run of expansion to show me where all of my mind-made self limitations and beliefs of unworthiness reside? Questions race in my mind. Why don’t we ALL love this big ALL of the time? What kind of magic could we create if we could all feel this much flow of energy spiralling and seeking to merge hearts, minds and more with each other? What exponential spinoff energetics could we sustain if we didn’t run from this kind of love?

The mind has tried to contain this. It has tried to contract it. It has tried to deny it, but the love presses on. It bubbles up. It begs for release, for truth, for expression. It begs to merge and to be acknowledged. It begs to fill every cell within me and it begs to touch another.

Even with this clarity, the mind will fight its engulfment. What will it mean to the mind and its purpose if it is filled with this much love? It will mean the release of buried pain and non-love-based data stored in the cells. It will change the identity of the mind’s version of the Self to something unknown. It will mean the unification of polarity and it will free the body of all limits.

So WHY .. WHY does the mind resist? Doesn’t this sound great? What is the root of this resistance?


The simple belief that we are separate creates the resistance to this immensity of love. If we allow love like this to flood through us, we will no longer be able to hold this construct within ourselves. It would change the very core foundation of our mind’s blueprint. It would change the very way our actual brains function.

THIS simple core belief of separation … is THE ORIGINAL SIN.

In the stories within the Bible, once Eve eats from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (polarity) … Adam and Eve look upon each other as separate and naked, and they are cast out of the garden to began that long ascent back to the land of unity consciousness. In fact, the entire BIBLE story is a METAPHOR for BODY ASCENSION. From Noah all the way to the final story of Jesus, we are shown the climb up the spine through the chakras to full embodied unity.

Kundalini energy

Kundalini energy

It is the perfect metaphor for the two hemispheres of the brain being powered by the polar energy pathways that spiral down the spine like waterslides at an amusement park. The entire Bible story depicts the fall of consciousness to the base of the spine and the slow and evolutionary climb back up to the third eye.

We have evolved as humans like monkeys swinging from one polarity of experience to the other in an attempt to merge back into that beautiful unified understanding of our existence. In that we deal daily with the splits within ourselves. We want to flourish .. but we don’t feel deserving. We want to be happy .. but sadness aways comes along to balance it. We attempt to live in the one polarity .. and avoid the truth of the other. We mask and delude ourselves in a distorted attempt to find comfort and peace within our very flesh, while denying the wholeness and truth of all that we are.

And yet, when the flood of a Love SO BIG rushes through all the pathways, it overtakes the channels, filling them both and merging them throughout all other channels of the body. Mind must surrender to such a force and evolve to something other than the switching station for the polar perceptions of like and dislike, pain and pleasure, expansion and contraction. Mind must become unified and evolve.

I know I talk in concepts that beg for deeper explanation and yet we read on. Either we already know this or it vibrates deeply into an ache, a crack, a split within us that yearns to be filled. A truth that begs to be illuminated back into awareness.

Our minds can try to run from this kind of love but its coming for us all. It is the very nature of the times that we are in, in the way the planets have aligned and the sun flares. The energy is not controllable, only the experience we have with it is ours to make.

I pray that our minds willingly surrender to the evolution of their new purpose in this full conscious awareness of our ascension, a process happening within the very circuits of our own spines. Once we all let the mind-made dams of limit break, and that flow of a Love SO BIG is allowed to run continuously, we will never be the same.

W E   W I L L   N E V E R   B E   T H E    S A M E !!

How Glorious!

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