Kundalini is an energy force accessed at the base of the spine in the root chakra. It is said to be like a coiled serpent awaiting to waken and rise up through the spinal region, activating the chakras and awakening corresponding centres of the brain. As this happens it increases one’s awareness, clears the body, mind and soul of blockage, and raises one’s overall state of consciousness. This results in the true divine self being embodied.


Kundalini Yoga is a science and technology that works to strengthen the glandular and nervous system of the body to prepare it to run the kundalini energy. Through practices called Kriyas, one systematically opens the spine, infuses it with breath and awareness to activate the kundalini energy. This clears and opens the pathways for true self to merge and embody. Within the practice one employs movement, sound, breath, visualization, meditation and focus.


In this practice we infuse the body with oxygen and prana, the rejuvinative and healing life force that travels with the breath, to activate the energy within the body to flow across nerve and energy pathways. This invites any contracted energetics, such as physical tension, stored thoughts, emotions, and trauma, to rise to the surface to be lifted away with ease and grace. Through this activation one releases on deep energetic and physical levels to open the body for true self and blissful active purpose. They are profound sessions, each one providing the activation needed in the moment.
One may experience:

  • RELEASE tension, stress, frustration, anger, & suppressed emotional issues.
  • ALLOW forgiveness & acceptance at a deeper level for self and others.
  • AWAKEN inner vitality, passion, aliveness, and total self-love.
  • INTEGRATE Body-Mind-Heart-Spirit, open up, and connect to your fullest potential self.
  • RECEIVE crystalline clarity of vision and creative inspiration for your Career / Life Path / Goals.
  • BLISS OUT in a calm, relaxed, and deeply peaceful state.

Private and group sessions are available.


3HO Kundalini is a practice originally taught by Yogi Bhajan. Yogi Bhajan was a master of both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. He came to North America from India in the 60′s to share this technology. He did so in an effort to create teachers that would assist the population in strengthening their nervous systems and raising their consciousness. Yogi Bhajan could see the coming challenges that we are living in now and intended to assist the transition from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age and beyond. 3HO Sets, of which there are hundreds, are taught in a specific format, for set durations to achieve specific results. You can attend a 3HO Class anywhere in the world and experience this consistent effective set of kriyas.

Kundalini Tantra Practices come from other lineages such as the Swami Satyananda Saraswati of the Bihar School in India and Swami Vikashanada of Nepal. In these offerings we hold the postures for longer periods of time to pool and direct the energy across specific pathways, clearing and opening the chakra centres. The Kundalini Intensives facilitated by us originate from the sharings of Shraddhasagar of 7 Centers Yoga Arts in Sedona, AZ. Taught through intensive daily classes, these life shifting immersions are highly effective at invoking significant healing and growth in body, mind and soul.


Personal note from Angela:
Yay! Glad you asked! Teaching Kundalini Yoga is one of the biggest blessings in my life. Holding space for others and witnessing major transformations is the most profound gift a person can receive. There are many teacher trainings available throughout the world. Depending on the traditions you align with and teachers you are drawn to there are many good options. I recommend searching the internet.

I am very pleased to be able to share my own experience and recommend 7 Centers Yoga Arts in Sedona, AZ. Owned and led by Shraddasagar, a most brilliant living essence of yoga whose classes are steeped in rich details of embodied practices, 7 Centers offers full immersion training with the most exceptional teachers and staff.

Kundalini Course Leader Hari Jap, a 30 year Kundalini Teacher based out of Phoenix, travels to 7 Centers each summer to share 3HO philosophy and practice. In my opinion, he is one of the most egoless people I’ve ever had the honour of being taught by. He leads all students to themselves and their own inner teacher, while holding a strong container of practice and discipline.

Mira Murphy, Ayurvedic Chef & Teacher, shares her yummy and nourishing creations each day while educating us on the profound interaction of food and the body. Jeff Masters, a physical and esoteric anatomy master, leads a jaw-dropping class filled with insight connecting the dots between all the layers of existence. It is an honour for me to be invited to share the tantric practices and teachings each year in the training. All of this is held by our loving and supportive Sydney, the centre’s manager and resident Mom.


Avatar Anatomy is a lens that looks at the physical body as a highly sophisticated bio-mechanical vehicle for our true formless essence. An Avatar Anatomy Class peers through this lens at the energy pathways, mind function and the components of interfacing body, mind and soul. One is invited to explore this lens as a tool to literally become more comfortable in one’s own skin. Check the calendar to see when the next available class will be held.


(Pronunciation note: CHakra is correct, SHakra is a mexican pepper)
Chakras are centers within the subtle energy body corresponding with major nerve plexus in the physical body. Often referred to as wheels or vortices, these centers serve as energy exchange points where solar and lunar channels cross within the body. It is at these centers that the balance between our expansive formless self and our contracted physical self is reflected. It is the state of this balance that affects and reflects the challenges we face in dealing with major life themes.

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