Faith is Everywhere

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Faith is within us and all around us. Faith is the actual space in our cells.

Scientists tell us that 99.9999% of our cells are made of space. The space INSIDE the cells is exactly the same as the space OUTSIDE our cells. It is one continuous field of space. In that space floats the other 0.0001% made of the elements of earth, water, fire and air. Each perfectly organized by a harmonic signature that creates our bodies.

So what is space? Science tells us that space is a vacuum from which creation cycles in birth, death and rebirth. If you measure the energy potential of a one cubic centimetre of space, you will find the result to be infinite, meaning ALL POSSIBILITIES OF CREATION EXIST WITHIN SPACE. There is no limit to what is possible. Space is the infinite void of potential. It is the place where all things begin and end, the alpha and the omega.

FAITH is pure trust in the absence of knowing. It is a construct into which we rest our minds, surrendering to a greater wisdom and organizing force.

Faith has no attachment to the outcome and no grief of a loss. Faith simply trusts that all is in divine order. Just as the space within and around us holds whatever creation our consciousness has birthed.

The next time you find your mind, your emotions and your body reacting in stress, close your eyes and sink your awareness into the space inside your cells. Remember that this is the same field of space that all things exist in, both within you and all around you. Rest there. Breathe. Remember to trust that all is in divine order.

Then come back to your TRUTH, your foundation held within the earth elements of the body. Allow the energy in motion, the e-motion, the water, the natural expression of you, to flow in TRUST that it is all supported by the truth.

Let the LOVE, that burns bright within the fire of all things, the fuel for all that we do, raise the creative potential of your unique self to the heart of AWARENESS. Allow the neutral mind of expansive awareness to breathe the energy toward the birth of its coming creation.

Then sing the song of true self expression, your sound current free flowing up through these elements of you. Let your conscious awareness elevate within the voice of your own prayers, your very words. Let them spiral into the space, organizing the elements to create your life. Let those creations live like a gift, free to die in their own perfect cycles. Have absolute Faith in the divine order of it all and the wonderment of what is next to come.

There is only one of you in the entire universe, and your only job is to be your truest most authentic self. May we all have absolute FAITH in our endeavour.

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