Who is little i?

Who is little i auto-pilot? The beautiful thing about being human is that we come fully equipped with an onboard auto-pilot that I call “little i”. Little i is a sophisticated [...]

What is Flow?

What is Flow? Ultimately .. this is three questions. 1. What is THE FLOW? “Mind “forming” matter …  and matter “informing” mind.” The flow is a loop. Its [...]

Today IS the Day!

  You know all those things you tell yourself you’re going to shift .. work toward .. evolve to? TODAY IS THE DAY!  Seriously. As you read these words notice how your mind pulls your [...]

Mantra Mathematics

  CURIOUS ABOUT THE AFFECTS OF MANTRA? Mantra is the science of the sound current. MANTRA is the repetition of sacred sounds from ancient languages to send positive vibrations throughout the [...]

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