I love to connect and co-create. What a wonderful opportunity to offer deeper experiences and align for learning and evolution.

If you feel a resonance and would like to bring me into your event, please contact me to discuss mutual areas of interest.

Here are some impactful additions I can bring to your event or retreat.

Speaking Segments


– Body Ascension Lens and Avatar Anatomy:
We are ascending within the very circuitry in our bodies. I take you on a tour of the human avatar as a sophisticated projection lens that creates a 3D holographic co-creation with others. Through this lens we open up to consider ways of shifting our lives from the inside out, allowing our true self to be fully expressed with clarity.

– Divine Union – Creative and Sexual Energy:
An overview of the Avatar Anatomy of energy circuits within the body and how the feminine creative energy of form plays as the seedbed of creation, nurturing and growing the masculine seeds of consciousness. We look at our history of balancing this polarity and our evolution as move into unifying it. We will discuss what happens when we stifle this natural flow and perpetuate distortions of shame-based programming. This is a timely and comfortable discussion for all humans and for those wishing to understand the nature of how they create their lives.


Practices and Playshops


– Body Ascension Breathwork:
This powerful practice uses three different breath patterns to infuse vast quantities of prana (life force that comes in with the breath) into the body to activate energy that opens pathways and clears blockage, limiting beliefs, emotions and trauma.The intensity of the practice will be set to match the tone of the retreat. It is an ideal way to open people up on the evening before the event begins. It is also powerful when dropped in multiple times throughout a week to assist in moving all that is arising.

  • RELEASE tension, stress, frustration, anger and suppressed emotional issues,
  • ALLOW forgiveness and acceptance at deeper levels for self and others,
  • AWAKEN inner vitality, passion, aliveness and total self-love,
  • INTEGRATE body-mind-heart-spirit, opening and connecting to one’s fullest potential self,
  • RECEIVE crystalline clarity of vision and creative inspiration for career/life path goals,
  • BLISS out in a calm, relaxed and deeply peaceful state of energetic balance and harmony.

– Breath & Writing:
A full day playshop begins with a deep meditation and gentle breathwork designed to relax and open the creative mind. This is followed by a simple method of writing that trains the participant to bypass the left brain critical mind and live steam their truest voice.


– Kundalini Tantric Chakra Yoga ~ 5, 7, or 14 Day Immersions:
Following the path of the chakras, we systematically move up the spine opening the body, tuning the frequencies and deeply immersing in clearing patterns and programs within the cellular structure of the body. This practice is profound!

Ideally placed as a morning practice at your retreat prior to breakfast, classes employ a variety of breath, postures, movement, focus, sound, relaxation, dance and gong meditations. Deep transformative shifts arise that change lives as awareness deepens.

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