what is BA Lens

Body Ascension Lens is …


  • The Lens
    Explore concepts .. peer through the lens
  • Body Ascension Breath
    Breathe awareness into the experience
  • Kundalini Tantra Yoga
    Strengthen the nervous system ..
    awaken kundalini .. activate the brain
  • Zero Point Attunement
    Heighten your senses and intuition
  • Facilitator Training
    Inspire change .. learn to facilitate

Let’s Explore …

Your Body is a PROJECTOR …

Your soul shines through your cells, where memory is stored. As you shine through, you project what is inside .. to the outside.

As you experience what is outside .. you then bring it inside .. and shine through once again.

The body is continuously cycling experience in and through.
Experiencing the NOW .. running it across the PAST .. projecting into the FUTURE.

If you are NOT AWARE in the experience … the body will simply REACT and project the past into the future.

If you ARE AWARE in the experience … you will consciously RESPOND and project your desires into the future.

The latter brings EMBODIMENT … This is our goal … WHY?

Humanity is WAKING … 

The time is now …

Life is accelerating. Our sensory systems are being over stimulated with experience. Lifestyle .. electronics .. stress .. and cosmic waves of energy
are speeding up the rate at which energy runs through our bodies.

This is taxing our nervous systems .. throwing our glandular systems out of balance .. and creating contraction in our muscles .. our emotions ..
and our minds.

Once this trend sets in, the body perpetuates the cycle by unconsciously projecting the past into the future.

Soon our physiology craves adrenaline, cortisol and pain. We begin operating from our back brain instead of our front brain. All we can do is cope.

When the stress overwhelms us .. we self-medicate.
Food, alcohol, drugs, tv, etc .. become options to deaden the nervous system, giving us temporary relief.

Day ends .. we sleep .. wake .. jumpstart with caffeine and sugar .. and do it all again.

All the while the nervous system is degrading and our ability to make a shift .. on our own .. becomes more challenging.
WHY? Because our physiology shapes our auto-pilot .. and our auto-pilot takes over.

Does this sound familiar?  THEN GET EXCITED! 

This accelerated experience of energy ripping through your cells has gotten your attention.
YOU WOKE UP! And now you are becoming more and more self aware. Aware of what you are experiencing and aware of what you DON’T want.

All this energy gives you the opportunity to break the loop and hack the pattern
Learn to:
– breathe awareness into every experience as it enters the body
– presence to rising memories of prior pain and suffering
– liberate stagnant energy and outdated programming
– flush the pathways and relax the whole body
– strengthen the nervous system and balance the glandular system
– awaken kundalini and activate the brain

This energy is initiating EMBODIMENT  ..  So you can project TRUE SELF into every experience.

The BODY ASCENSION LENS can show you how.

    Learn the concepts .. peer through the lens .. see your greatest potential
    Breathe awareness into the experience .. learn to excite and direct energy for healing and opening
    Balance polar channels .. integrate karmas throughout the chakras .. strengthen the nervous system .. awaken kundalini .. activate the brain
    Come home to neutrality .. relax in true self clarity .. consciously edit patterns .. heighten your senses and intuition
    Inspire change .. teach through example .. become a facilitator .. support others in their journey


Is the Body Ascension Lens right for me? 

Ascending within the body is not an achievement .. it is an inevitability.

We are all experiencing accelerated energy running through our nervous systems, forcing cellular review.
We have the opportunity to integrate and heal what is in our cells .. or create more of the same .. only faster.

Simply taking the time to read this page has set in motion the trajectory for deeper embodiment. What is needed now is momentum.

Momentum cycles awareness through the body and aligns your auto-pilot with true self. 

The Body Ascension Lens .. its concepts and its practices .. offer you the momentum to cycle awareness through your body, and to consciously make the shifts that you desire.

Where do I begin?

Coming Soon! – Online Lecture Series

From detailed Energetic Anatomy .. to the process of Awakening Kundalini Energy .. this comprehensive lecture series gives exceptional foundational knowledge .. peering through the Body Ascension Lens.

Select individual modules or experience the entire collection as a bundle.
The Online Lecture Series provides a mental framework to support the practices that follow.

Body Ascension Breath

We experience in the NOW → Perceive across the PAST → Project into the FUTURE
Breathe awareness INTO the experience … Intend what you create.

Ride a transformative wave of PRANA into deeper embodiment of true self.

 Zero Point Attunement

Relax as you are guided into the cells of your body. Enhance SENSORY and INTUITIVE PERCEPTION as Angela gives words to all that is arising for integration, cleansing and renovation.

Zero Point Attunements quickly restore neutrality in body, mind and emotions. From this perspective one is able to heal and integrate karmas, evolving the body lens to an ascended state of being.

Kundalini Tantra Yoga

“Everybody, whether Householder or Sanyasin, must remember that Awakening Kundalini is the Prime Purpose of Human Incarnation.”  ~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Kundalini Tantra Yoga is a Sensual Practice … Bringing you to the Zero Point … where YOUR Consciousness and Form Merge.

Books & Recordings

Join Angela in the BODY ASCENSION SERIES of books: Avatar Anatomy ~ A Soul’s Journey into the Body and Waking the Goddess. Book Three is underway!

Coming Soon! – Relax with Zero Point Attunement pre-recorded cellular cleansing practices.

Quantum Vibrational Pendants

Much like a movie is written into a DVD or a computer program is written onto a hard drive, SACRED HARMONICS are recorded into the atomic structure of beautiful toroid PENDANTS.

As the harmonic interacts with the energy of your electromagnetic field, it is amplified like a hologram being projected through a crystal, amplifying your energy and your harmonious intentions.

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