Body Ascension Breath 

Life is one long breathwork practice.

Learn to do it well.


From birth to death, life is a long string of inhales and exhales. The depth and rhythm of the breath patterns both determine and reveal the quality of your thoughts, emotions and physical state.

By bringing awareness into your breath, you enter the magical flow that empowers you to improve every aspect of your life experience.

Body Ascension Breath is an activating and transformative conscious breath practice that opens the body and cellular memory for cleansing and awakening.

Each inhale infuses the body with PRANA [life force]  .. charges our spinal fluid .. and sends energy through 72,000+ pathways.

This heightened breath chemistry pins awareness to the physiology allowing BIG I self to ride the circuits of thinking and feeling as they loop to create the experience of life.

This flush of tuned energy bathes our cells in neutral clear awareness and strengthens our nervous system.

Cycling this conscious energy empowers us to edit cellular memory and flow in heightened sensory and intuitive perceptions.

Internal discord, imbalance and conflict settles to bring peace and harmony to all parts of self. 

Body Ascension Breath brings you into flow state where all aspects of self merge in to one unified presence .. live streaming you.

This is EMBUDDHiMENT … Embody BIG I to evolve little i.

  • PRACTICE conscious breathing and you will systematically shift your little i  functioning to optimal states
  • MASTER conscious breathing and you will embody BIG I in every cell and live stream you.


WHAT will I experience?

Every Body Ascension Breath session is unique. Here are some common experiences and results …

  • Activate prana
  • Open energy pathways
  • Flush stagnant energy
  • Evolve cellular memory
  • Release tension
  • Relax body and mind
  • Merge awareness with the body
  • Strengthen your nervous system
  • Balance your glandular system
  • Evolve little i programs
  • Improve cellular health
  • Balance emotions
  • Clarify mind
  • Bring peace to inner conflict
  • Induce flow state
  • Heighten creativity and sensuality
  • Open intuition
  • Invite revelations
  • Induce bliss
  • Invite divine healing

WHAT are my options?




Body Ascension Breath ACTIVATIONS …

A two hour session invokes full breath expansion and diaphragmatic breathing. Then we relax you into a cozy surrendered position to enter 3 strategic breath patterns that activate the flow of energy within the body. Optional hands on body activations add to verbal cues that merge all parts of you into flow state.

No two sessions are alike. You always get what you need.

Available in a group or private sessions.


Body Ascension Breath FACILITATOR Training …

Want to go life-changingly deep? This 5-Day Immersion teaches you Body Ascension Breath from the Inside Out.

All facilitator level training is designed for the practitioner to have a deeply personal experience of transformation. All great facilitators teach from their own experience.

Whether you wish to facilitate for others or simply give yourself decadent focused care … you will leave feeling liberated and empowered!

Check the EVENTS PAGE for next offering OR organize one in your community!

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