Body Ascension BREATH 

You Experience Life in the NOW →

Perceive it across the PAST  →  Project it into the FUTURE

Body is the PROJECTOR    |   Soul is the LIGHT    |    Cellular Memory is the FILM

Life is the MOVIE!


BREATHE Awareness into the Experience …

INTEND what you Create

Body Ascension Breath infuses the body with PRANA [life force]  .. CHARGES our spinal fluid .. and sends ENERGY through 72,000+ pathways.

The flush of energy bathes our cells … strengthens our nervous system … and brings our AWARENESS deep into the body.

Cycling awareness empowers us to edit cellular memory and choose conscious projections.

All of this heightens our sensory and intuitive perceptions … while tuning our frequency to true self.


WHY do this?

Life is accelerating. Our nervous systems are overstimulated with experience.

When we experience WITHOUT AWARENESS .. Auto-pilot Projects the PAST into the FUTURE .. and creates more of the same .. only faster.

This spirals our nervous system into a degraded state .. less able to handle what comes our way.

Soon after, the physiology becomes addicted to stress hormones and pain. Auto-pilot takes complete charge and our course gets set for accelerated discomfort.

–  OR –

BREATHE Awareness into the Experience … SHIFT the Pattern.

WHAT will I experience?

Every Body Ascension Breath session is UNIQUE. Here are some common experiences and results …

  • Increased sensation in the body
  • Memories and emotions rising in the cells
  • Release of physical tension
  • Release of stagnant emotion
  • Detox – mental, emotional & physical
  • Spaciousness in the cells
  • Divine guidance
  • Cellular healing
  • Collapsing programs & patterns
  • Deep embodiment
  • Expansion
  • Harmony
  • Clarity of mind
  • Direct knowing
  • Peace & Joy
  • Focus
  • Bliss
  • Relaxation to the core

WHAT are my options?

Group Activation …

I am a gypsy .. if I am near I would be honoured to take you through a group activation.
Check WHERE IS ANGELA? on the home page to find me.

Or FIND A FACILITATOR in your area.

Private Activation …

A private experience is deep and includes Zero Point Attunement work. This sacred container invites deeper healing.
Check WHERE IS ANGELA? on the home page to see if I am near.

Or FIND A FACILITATOR in your area.

Body Ascension Breath FACILITATOR Training …

Want to go life-changingly deep? This 5-Day Immersion teaches you Body Ascension Breath from the Inside Out.

All facilitator level training is designed for the practitioner to have a deeply personal experience of transformation. All great facilitators teach from their own experience.

Whether you wish to facilitate for others or simply give yourself decadent focused care … you will leave feeling liberated and empowered!

Check the EVENTS PAGE for next offering OR organize one in your community! I love to travel and share!!

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