Hello, my name is Angela.


I was born with a highly sensitive nervous system that was constantly in a state of overwhelm. As a result, my life became a quest to figure out how to get comfortable in my own body and trust in the flow of life.

At first I thought the outer world was the cause of the overwhelm so I became hyper-vigilant at memorizing how it worked. I tried to anticipate cause and effect so I could control and manipulate my surroundings.

I thought that if I could keep everyone happy and approving of me, I would feel loved and accepted. I would finally be able to relax and feel safe.

It was a lot of work with hit and miss results.


Then at age 24, I had a car accident …

Rewind to a month leading up to the collision and you would find me in my truck delivering rural route mail in a state of depression. As I drove in circles each day, I fantasized about what my funeral would be like.

I wasn’t suicidal. I was questioning the point of life. Every thought and emotion was funnelled toward this morbid fantasy.

Who would come? How would they feel? What would be said? I imagined every detail right down to the music and the flowers.

After a month of vividly imagining these details,  a red Ford Bronco drove into the rear end of my truck doing 120 kms/hour while the driver daydreamed.

Luckily my feet were on the clutch and the gas, free of all resistance. My truck launched up into the air to perform a full circle back flip and a half circle side flip, finally landing on its roof with the wheels spinning to a stop.

ENTER BIG I … the awakened buddhi mind.

BIG I started out as a voice in my head giving me guidance at random times throughout my life. The advise was always correct. Often, however, that was discovered after the fact when I failed to listen.

While little i, my auto-pilot mind, drove in circles imagining my funeral, BIG I made several attempts to slow me down, redirect me and get me to choose life over death.

Gentle words of suggestion were whispered in my ears hours before I arrived at the scene. I ignored them. In fact, little i found the words annoying and unnecessary.

Mere minutes before the collision, BIG I finally got little i’s attention and I decided to drop the fantasy and improve my mood.

Before I pulled back out onto the highway to make a left turn a few feet up the road, BIG I suggested we wait. I didn’t listen. Little i had enough experience to know that we had plenty of time to make the turn so I pulled onto the road.

Then while sitting on the highway, foot on clutch and gas, ready to turn once the oncoming traffic passed, the entire situation changed.

The oncoming car unexpectedly slowed and stopped in the middle of the entrance to my turn. There was no more time and no where left to go.


BIG I spoke clearly and confidently walking me through every step. Cooling words calmed my body instructing me to relax and take the hit. BIG I even inserted a vision of bumper cars into my mind to lessen the severity of the situation.

With no seatbelt fastened, my left arm pulled the steering wheel to a 45′ angle as my body flew backwards breaking the seat and smashing my head through the back window. Somehow I stayed in the truck.

When I regained consciousness, I simply crawled out of the wreck. The glass didn’t even cut my head. It was a miracle. (The other guy survived and healed from serious injuries.)

As I sat next to the police officer gazing at the scene, BIG I reported the events clearly and calmly.

Little i sat in the background, in shock, marvelling in awareness. I had created the whole thing.

Day after day, I directed thoughts and emotions toward my funeral, and my funeral came very close.

That’s when I discovered that my inside world actually created my outside world, and not the other way around.

I also realized that BIG I sees from a far greater vantage point than little i ever could. BIG I should not be ignored.

I got excited!! I turned my tactics inward to micromanage my own thoughts, manipulate my own emotions and control my own behaviour.

If I could create that car accident in a month, I could create anything!

By age 38, I had a six-figure job, a family, an organic farm and money. The only problem was that I still wasn’t able to relax inside of my body.

The hyper-vigilant act of controlling my inner world had me more tense than ever before. I was creating from little i’s wants and I could not afford to drop the ball.

Back to depressed and disillusioned with my life, BIG I returned to remind that I create my life from the inside out, and perhaps there was more for me to learn. Again I got excited.


I began to read … 

Biology, quantum physics, brain function, intention, meditation, positive thinking, energy medicine and more were subjects devoured as one book seamlessly led to the next. I wanted to understand how I functioned and I wanted scientific proof.

The more new information I considered, the clearer BIG I became.

By age 42, I resigned my corporate job, sold the farm, transferred my son to online schooling and stepped out with my family to explore the world and discover the unknown.

With financial pressures temporarily lifted, I simply followed the guidance of BIG I. BIG I led me from one pivotal experience to the next, teaching me to trust along the way.

For the first time in my life, little i was learning to walk in the unknown. I had no plan and little i made no attempt to control anything.

I entered the flow … synchronicity became my way of life. Not only did I create my life from the inside out … BIG I was a far superior creator than little i. I surrendered control.

Sedona and Egypt were first. The land, people and experiences heightened my energetic sensitivity and awakened parts of my brain to much greater understandings and capabilities.

I no longer braced against the coming of the outer world, I allowed it to run the circuits of my nervous system and inform me.

I began to follow BIG I from one class to the next, learning yoga, meditation, medical intuitive training and more.

I immersed fully and studied to facilitator level in everything I touched. Not because I intended to teach, but because I loved the depth of practice and the compounding awareness  that was opening my body and making me increasingly comfortable.

Not only was BIG I being heard, BIG I was literally embodying my cellular structure and teaching little i how to live in the flow. 

By age 44, my husband and I separated and I continued exploring on my own. We learned a lot together but were unable to adapt as a couple to all the changes I was undergoing.


Two rounds of Peru added to France, Costa Rica, Mexico, Kauai and repeated rounds of Sedona. I was wide open and craving every physiological cliff I could find.

Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher Training awakened me to stretch farther beyond my own limitations.

Transformation became my drug of choice. It was powerful and addictive. 

Plant medicine, breathwork, explosive sexual healing and neurofeedback brain training now had me operating at capacities where I evolved on the fly.

BIG I began to guide little i to clean up cellular memory and programming. I was evolving and integrating simultaneously and perpetually.

It was time to teach ….

Teaching at both practitioner and facilitator levels allowed little i to take the student role as BIG I went into service and support of others.

Individuals and groups gravitated into circles for discussion and practice, granting me the privilege to hold sacred space for them while sharing the love of my ever evolving lenses.

Teaching was humbling and invited me to learn at accelerated rates. I began to see the one common consciousness in every set of eyes.

Travel and teaching blended. Writing created books. Free of material possessions and driven by BIG I impulse, I lived a gypsy’s life for 11 years.

I learned to be comfortable in my own body anywhere on the planet. I learned there was nothing to fix.

Now at age 53, I am in a state of LIVE STREAMING BIG I. I’m continuously learning and surfing the edge of my own awareness.

I am humbled and grateful and I am also curious. I am curious for what is yet to learn and what is yet to share.

I see clearly now that our purpose as humans is to embody BIG I and evolve little i to greater states of awareness and function. 

Our purpose is to transform our inherited and learned programming to make peace within ourselves. For as we know, we create our reality from the inside out.

To create consciously, we must get in our bodies and learn to pin our awareness to the physiology.

We must simultaneously ride the circuits of creating and experiencing to evolve humanity to a whole new state of being.

I call this EMBUDDHiMENT: The embodiment of the “buddhi” awakened mind.

This is the only thing we are here to do. There is simply nothing else.  Welcome to the most relevant conversation of our time!


Angela Ditch is the voice of the Body Ascension Lens, the designer of the EMBUDDHiMENT Protocol and a wide-eyed student of human evolution.

“I believe that all knowledge is a lens through which we create and experience our lives. As such all lenses and practices belong to living lineages that must evolve along the edge of our experience. There is only one true teacher and that teacher resides within us all.”

Sat Nam Everyone!!


  • Kundalini 3HO and Tantric Yoga
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  • Brainstate Brain Optimization
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  • Sacred Site Travel – Egypt, France, Mexico, Peru, Kauai, Sedona, Canada, Costa Rica and more.
Body Ascension Series


Join Angela as the little voice in her head leads her on a journey of self-realization. From a woman filled with fear and contraction to a global traveller seeking the next psychological cliff to jump, she learns to literally get inside her body and be comfortable in her own skin.

From esoteric experiences of brain training, Kundalini activations, plant medicine, breath work, yoga, medical intuitive training, sexual healing and more, the complete Body Ascension Series shares a wide array of tools and techniques that bring true self into the body to interface with and express through our physical avatar forms.

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