7 Signs of a Psychological Cliff Jumping Transformational Junkie

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7 Signs of a Psychological
Cliff Jumping Transformational Junkie

“Do one thing that scares you everyday” is excellent advice for a person wishing to stay fresh, alive and open to new things. But being a Psychological Cliff Jumping Transformational Junkie is a little more serious. Even the name crams as many words in as possible to reflect the intensity of this state of being.

We cliff jumpers are constantly looking for the next program, pattern, fear, experience, dysfunction or annoying habit to conquer or understand. An experience perceived to be “bad” happens in our lives and we rub our hands together with delight at the juiciness of what truth we will soon uncover about ourselves. We are thrill junkies and the thrill we seek is awareness.

Yup, we are addicted to new awareness.

We don our third eye head lamps and bravely spelunk deep into the cave our subconscious mind to find what is hidden in the shadows.

But we don’t stop there, we want to access the literal crystalline structures of our connective tissues to reprogram genetic memory while we’re in there. Oh Yes .. we psychological cliff jumping transformational junkies are determined to be as wide awake and conscious as is humanly possible. We are going for full enlightenment and absolute embodiment of our true energetic selves.

Want to know how to spot us? Here are seven things we might say or do to tip you off.

1. “Wow, I just had a car accident! I wonder what I did to create that!”

2. “I’m happy I could trigger this anger for you. Now you can learn where it really comes from. No, no, don’t thank me, I am just a mirror for you.”

3. “Its all just an illusion anyway. I can create anything I want.”

4. “I wonder if the reason that person makes me nervous is because he killed me in a past life. We are going to need to clear this.”

5. “I am so expanded right now! I am so blissed out!”

6. “Oh my, that ayahuasca ceremony was so awesome! I thought I was going to die!”

7. But seriously, Psychological Cliff Jumping Transformation Junkies are dedicated to the real deal. So you will also find that truth, raw-vulnerable-messy-truth, is the cliff we head for the most. Nothing in the world is scarier than stripping your heart and soul naked for you, and the whole world to judge.

Psychological Cliff Jumping Transformation Junkies seek wholeness, connection, and real unconditional love within ourselves and with you. While our never ending search for the underlying energetic cause, of every single moment of our lives, can be rather annoying at times, our intent is to be the best version of ourselves, so we can vibrationally create a better world for us all.

Whether you are a Psychological Cliff Jumping Transformational Junkie or you know one, smile widely knowing that the human race evolves everyday because we exist.

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