Faith is Everywhere

Faith is EVERYWHERE … Faith is within us and all around us. Faith is the actual space in our cells. Scientists tell us that 99.9999% of our cells are made of space. The space INSIDE the cells is [...]

Today IS the Day!

  You know all those things you tell yourself you’re going to shift .. work toward .. evolve to? TODAY IS THE DAY!  Seriously. As you read these words notice how your mind pulls your [...]

Mantra Mathematics

  CURIOUS ABOUT THE AFFECTS OF MANTRA? Mantra is the science of the sound current. MANTRA is the repetition of sacred sounds from ancient languages to send positive vibrations throughout the [...]

Love SO BIG!

Sometimes my heart feels SO BIG and so overflowing with LOVE that it almost hurts. My whole body opens to a flow of energy that is so immense, so warm, and so vulnerable. As I love so intensely [...]

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