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About Angela


Angela Ditch is a student of self-realization, a writer and a travelling yogini. She loves to explore the edges of her comfort zone, opening to deeper authenticity and experience of her divine self. She believes that we are the formless essence of pure truth – total divine unity – on a journey flowing through individual physical forms, within a channel of duality and creation, fueled by love and the longing to remember and re-merge into our natural state of oneness.

Through global sacred travel and exploration of Kundalini Yoga, White Tantra, Vipassana Meditation, Breathwork, Sound Current, Plant Medicine, Belief Repatterning, Brain Training and more, Angela has deeply embodied her true self and is in continuous practice of coming home to her zero point of expanded spatial awareness. She believes the first step to ascension is to open the energetic pathways, fully embody our formless self and interface with our magnificent avatar body. Through this embodiment our TRUTH is expressed, empowering us to authentically re-merge with each other.

From Kundalini Yoga Chakra Intensives to Breathwork Activations, Spiritual Response Therapy to PSYCK-K Belief Repatterning, Quantum Vibrational Pendants to Body Ascension Playshops, Angela is honoured to share tools and techniques that effectively assist us in our journey to ascend within and through the body. Known for her natural ability to hold a sacred space of unconditional love, Angela is often referred to as a Spiritual Midwife of Transformation. Angela is most grateful for all the beautiful souls she connects with and loves to facilitate workshops in Canada, the US and around the world. She currently resides between Grande Prairie and Sedona while completing her first book series and planning and hosting Body Ascension Co-Creative Playshops around the globe.


Video Interview with Catherine Whelan December 2013



The Zero… Point was born out of the desire to share effective tools and techniques that help us fully embody our true selves and express our infinite potential.

Please explore the site, check out the information, workshops and products – feel what resonates with you. Comment, participate and share your Zero Point Perspectives.

It is an honor to connect with you in this most important quest of remembering who we truly are.

Sat Nam,