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Kundalini Yoga Workshops

All workshops are designed to deepen our awareness and experience of ourselves. Kundalini Yoga prepares your nervous system and clears your energy pathways so that you may channel the infinite energy of your true self.

Avatar Anatomy ~ A Soul's Journey into the Body

Body Ascension Series Book One


Quantum Vibrational Pendants

Pendants and Stones encoded with sacred harmonic frequencies of zero point, NASA sound of the sun, mantra/prayer strengthen your electromagnetic field (AURA) while shielding you from harmful frequencies such as those emitted by wireless electronics.

Breathwork Activations

& Spiritual Spa Sessions 

 Open the Energy Pathways & Fully Embody your TRUE DIVINE EXPANDED SELF!


About Us

Meet Angela

Angela Ditch is a student of self-realization, a writer and a travelling yogini. She loves to explore the edges of her comfort zone, opening to deeper authenticity and experience of her divine self. 

Body Ascension Playshops


Exceptional gatherings to share tools, techniques and practices that activate one to embody True Self and Express Authentically 



Quantum Vibrational Pendants

by angela, March 19, 2013

0699Quantum Vibrational Pendants are stones infused with sacred harmonic codes that strengthen your electromagnetic field (AURA), increase body voltage and align chakras.

Using Quantum Generators, David Sereda of Light Stream Technologies “writes” the codes directly into the atomic structure of the stones – much like a movie is written into a DVD or a hologram is written into a crystal.

Everything is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies to form a range of densities of matter.  Even thoughts and emotions have frequency.  The HearthMath Institute measures the electromagnetic fields of the body and the interaction of external frequencies as they enter those fields.


According to their research, the heart …
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by angela, March 8, 2013

The New OSOn December 21, 2012, I was in Sedona listening to my inner guidance, as she kept me sequestered to experience the peak of energies of the time. Those who know me, knew that I had tickets to everything, in full expectation of celebrating the solstice with friends. When the guidance came in so clear to spend 10 days alone, it was a challenge for my body-mind to accept, but I listened.

As I puppy-sat for dear friends Aluna Joy and Raphael, while they journeyed into the Maya Lands, I experienced a flood of information and images streaming into my awareness. I wrote and wrote and marvelled at the knowings as …
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Spiritual Response Therapy and Restructuring

by angela, November 14, 2012



What is Spiritual Response Therapy & Restructuring?


Imagine being completely relaxed, eyes closed, breath natural … giving yourself the gift of a session at The Spiritual Spa.  Either in the room, or over the air waves, a pendulum connected to your High Self spins and moves navigating a series of charts, instructing your facilitator on what your High Self wants cleared.

- Unhealthy Programs 

- Limiting Beliefs

- Past Life Experiences
– Future Events
– Current Energies

- Psychic Wounds

– Karmic Connections
– Underlying Origin Points for Looping Patterns and Illness
– Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic Blocks


This is a Spiritual Response Therapy Session

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